Purpose, Values, Culture and Uber

I’m sure everyone has seen this by now.

The biggest takeaway for me, as an ex-employee of Uber and as someone invested into T&S in Australia and New Zealand, is that Trust and Safety is much more than preventing bad stuff from happening to your customers. It’s internal, first. Your company purpose, values and culture should reflect a Trusted brand and Safe experience at all levels. Your purpose should be noble and trying to make the world a better place (a little cliche, I know). Your values give guidance on how you respond in times of trouble, like where Uber is now, and give guardrails for employees on how they behave with each other and with customers. Your culture will flow from this, and flow from the top. Take a look at your company purpose and values, if T&S isn’t at the heart of of them, then your culture and therefore your customer experience might be at risk.

Uber didn’t intentionally create an environment that generates headlines and employee experiences like we’re reading about now, but a closer look at their values and how it guides their internal culture as a large tech company is needed. They’ll get through this and probably come out stronger for it.


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